Wireless connections sound very handy, letting you connect a LAN without running wires all over the floors and ceilings and drilling holes, but they can also be an exercise in frustration.  Take the problems in this post, as well as the inventive and useful suggestions to solve those unreliable and slow connection blues. 

Over in the Storage forum, what should have been a perfect upgrade from a PATA drive to a SATA drive just isn’t going as planned.  Even with what seems to be a perfect image, the drive just doesn’t want to work.  Check out the things to look for, as well as some links to other images that gave up the ghost in this thread.

Anyone looking to upgrade their RAM should be well warned by this thread, not all of Crucial’s DIMMs are created equal, though that doesn’t mean all are bad.  Also keep in mind that not all memory tests are created equal, either.

For a bonus Linux/Windows link, check out what Ned Slider found!