Comcast has picked up a bad rep recently, due to their nice habit of package inspection and throttling back Bittorrent traffic … on the other hand, look at the speeds you can get from their connections!  If you are a Folder then drop by this thread, one of our members has done a lot of research on how to get the most out of his machine. 

If you are a fan of case modding, drop by these two threads over in Cases’n’Cooling.  The long awaited Celtic Spirit project is on hold again, but there are worklogs for Dreamcatcher V2 and the BluHaz Redux V2 as well.

If you are more of a graphics card aficionado, Ryan’s article on CrossfireX has created a lot of discussion, toss in your two cents as well.  Or head to the memory forum to see why most RAM runs up to 2.2V when the JEDEC standard calls for 1.8V and keep up with the slow motion fall of SCO in our Linux forum. Finish it all off with a trip to the Trading Post, and call it a day.