The guys at Fudzilla are showing off some CrossFire X details today including driver availability in early March and they have an brief interview with AMD’s Godfrey Cheng, AMD CrossFireX manager, that talks about DX9 and DX10 scaling ability.

There are some rumours that CrossFireX doesn’t scale well with DX10.  Do DirectX 10 titles scale as well as DirectX 9?

We find it amusing that others can speak about our products and their performance.  We also find it amusing that some people are trying to diminish the importance of DX9 games. DX10 titles have just recently started shipping and we continue to work with game developers to make driver optimizations that work best with their respective engines.  We expect good scaling with many of the DX10 titles.  DX9 games account for 96% of the games sold last year in North America so the vast majority of people are still playing DX9 games.  It is therefore critical that we first address the scaling on DX9 titles.  We expect good to great scaling across many of DX9 titles with the launch of the CrossFireX driver.

How does CrossFireX treat DX10 games differently?  And when do you expect DX10 scaling to improve?

Great question.  DX9 games are mature and the processing & rendering paths are well established and this is why we see good-to-great scaling across a broad range of games with CrossFireX.  DX10 games are very new and we need to continually work with the game developers to optimize the games.  Out of the box, we are expecting good scaling with the limited number of DX10 games out there at the moment and we expect gradual and consistent improvements in performance and scaling for DX10 titles over time as we do with any driver.  We have long established our leadership with Catalyst.  The Catalyst team at AMD promises a high quality driver with consistent and regular performance improvements.  We expect the same promises to hold true for DX10