I don’t know if it’s disappointment in Vista or just sheer boredom, but rumours associated with Windows 7 are just flying around.  First we heard it should be out in about a year, even after Microsoft had made several announcements about difficulties with the kernel.  Then we hear that MinWin might or might not be the kernel for Windows 7.  If that wasn’t enough, there was a version of Windows 7 posted to a BitTorrent site, and who could have guessed that it wasn’t actually true.

Now The Inquirer has heard word that Microsoft will cull DX11 from Windows 7.  This rumour seems based in some on the complaints from laptop and GPU vendors who figured that at least 1/3 of PCs out there would not be able to run Windows 7. We all know how well that work with Vista, right?

“THE ‘SHORTHORNING’ of Windows 7 has begun, features are being shed left and right. The latest one is graphics a API, DirectX 11 in this case.

From what we are told by reliable sources. MS was keen on having DX11 be part of Windows 7. DX10, which while technically pretty nifty, is saddled with Vista as an arm twist mechanism, so it is taking off like a water buffalo with bunions and a weight problem”

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