A little experiment over at CPU3D has turned up some very interesting information, you can link an HD3870 and an HD3850 together in Crossfire, with no extra work!  They could only test the single core version of the HD3870, so it is hard to say if a 3 or 4 way would work on a board that supports it, but there is at least some hope.  For those who have purchased an HD3870, this offers you a way to almost double your performance for under $200.

“ATi’s latest Catalyst v8.1 drivers have been released, and the word on the street is that you can Crossfire two totally different Radeon HD38xx cards. What’s even better, is that the results you get is almost as good as, if you had two matching HD3870 cards. So, is this true? Our CPU3D review team will show you how it’s done.”

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