These raw stats are probably the most telling.  Crysis on high quality @ 1920*1200 with a pair of 8800 Ultras is 34.5 fps, with the third in it goes all the way up to 35.0fps.  The story for very high quality and 4XAA @ 1920*1200 is 19.0fps to 27.0fps, which is almost playable.  Check out The Tech Report for a full look at how games play on a PC with over $2000 of graphics power.

“At this point, my editor, if I had one, would probably be clobbering me. No doubt I could more profitably be spending my time reviewing hardware that most folks might actually, you know, want to purchase. And heck, I’m getting really close on that review of the 45nm Core 2 Duos—honest. But I couldn’t resist a brief detour involving a howling phalanx of GeForce 8800 Ultras, mostly because I wanted to see whether we’d finally found the hardware equal to the task of making Crysis run smoothly at high resolutions and quality levels.

So what we have here is a quick foray into the warm and sordid world of three-way SLI. We’ll take a look at how a trio of Ultras performs in a number of games, with a little extra emphasis on the system killer du jour.”

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