As you might expect, the internal layout of the Ultra m998 chassis is pretty typical for a standard mid-tower ATX style case with the PSU located up top.  The overall installation of basic components went smoothly and was completed without problems.  The slightly larger size made things all the more easy.  As you may have noticed by now, the Ultra m998 enclosure does not incorporate very many tool-less features.  You will need a screwdriver or two to mount just about everything.  This really isn’t a big deal for me as I personally prefer standard screw mounts over the majority of tool-less mounting options (with a few notable exceptions).

Power Supply

Ultra m998 Mid-Tower ATX Case Review - Cases and Cooling 30

Ultra uses a secondary mounting plate for the power supply.  The mounting plate attaches to the PSU and then is secured into the case with four thumb screws.  For a power supply I chose Ultra’s 1,600W X3 PSU.  This is one of the largest power supplies currently available (both output capacity and physical size).  Because it is so large it will make for an interesting test to see how it fits into the m998 case. 

Ultra m998 Mid-Tower ATX Case Review - Cases and Cooling 31

The Ultra X3 1,600W PSU fit into the m998 enclosure without issues.  The power supply is fully supported underneath and secured on top by another mounting bracket.  The position of the upper bracket is adjustable and can be located to secure virtually any power supply you choose to use.  Very nice!

Ultra m998 Mid-Tower ATX Case Review - Cases and Cooling 32

Note:  Even though this power supply is so long there is still room between it and the optical drives (5”) to work and route cables.

Exposed Drive Bays – Optical Drives

Before a 5.25” drive or bay device can be mounted the plastic bay cover must be popped out from the inside.  Then you just slide the drive in from the front and secure it in place with four machine screws.

Internal Hard Disc Drives

Installing HDDs into the lower 3.5” drive cage is pretty basic.  Just slide the drive in and secure it with four screws.  As mentioned previously, the lower two 3.5” drive cages are removable.

Ultra m998 Mid-Tower ATX Case Review - Cases and Cooling 33

Once the various drives and other 3.5” devices are mounted you can use the supplied Power Bar cables to supply them with power.  Ultra provides cables that are fitted with 4-pin FDD, 4-pin HDD, 15-pin SATA, 6-pin PCI-E and 8-pin PCI-E connectors. 

ATX Motherboard

Ultra m998 Mid-Tower ATX Case Review - Cases and Cooling 34

I installed a full size Asus P5N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard into the m998 chassis without issues.  The removable motherboard tray uses threaded standoffs for mounting points and everything lined up and fit perfectly.   There is plenty of room around the motherboard area to work and connect cables but make sure you don’t have a CPU cooler that extends much past the edge of the mobo or it will prevent using the removable motherboard feature.

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