Taipei, Taiwan, 31 January 2008 – VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of embedded silicon and platform technologies, today announced that the VIA EPIA EK1000G Mini-ITX mainboard had been selected by Tranax for its latest TK1000 non-cash dispensing transactional kiosks.

Building on a long tradition of manufacturing robust, reliable, secure, and trusted ATMs, Tranax has created the VIA EPIA Mini-ITX-based Transactional Kiosk (TK) line of non-cash dispensing kiosks to provide a range of transaction-based service applications, including bill payments and ticketing. Tranax leveraged the extensive connectivity and porting of the VIA EPIA EK board to offer a robust kiosk that includes an LCD display, Printer, Ticket Printer, Card Dispenser, Card Reader, Bill Acceptor, Electronic Lock and Tamper Alarm.

Stability is crucial in always-on systems, so the VIA EPIA EK maximum power consumption of just 19 watts means the Tranax TK1000 can be trusted to run continuously using less power and with fewer instability problems associated with less efficient platforms.

“The VIA EPIA EK board with its extensive connectivity and unrivalled stability provides the perfect platform for our new breed of self-service kiosk machines” said Ken Joung, Software Development Director, Tranax. “VIA has proven to be an invaluable partner in producing our versatile next-generation TK1000 transactional kiosk, helping Tranax to consolidate its position of leadership in this industry.”