It’s official, 780i is going the same way as the X38.  The Inquirer expects to start seeing 790i boards appearing very soon now, leaving early adopters out in the cold just as Intel’s were.  The 790i offers more improvements than the 780i did, but that will be of little comfort to anyone who picked up a 780i board recently.  There will be a lot of sleepless nights for Ryan benchmarking with this almost simultaneous chipset refresh.

“The 780i boards started trickling out before Christmas but, by then, everyone knew that soon after, Nvidia would continue coming – with 790i, that is. The chipset that you’ll see a lot more of starting this month.

What is 790i? In one sentence: a good reason not to look at the 780i at all. Now, the multiple PCI-E v2 is native within the northbridge, avoiding all the bandwidth and latency roadblocks in the 780i. Then, you have native, dual-channel DDR3 memory support, the first for Nvidia, with DDR3-2000 OC enabled on the Nforce 790i Ultra. Nvidia seems to stick with its EPP enhanced performance profiles for that memory, let’s see how it goes against – or together with – Intel’s already-entrenched XMP profiles.”

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