The Yoggie Gatekeeper Pico is a little USB device, about the size of a flash drive, that protects your PC from attacks coming over the network.  With it’s software installed it works it’s way into Windows’ networking stack and convinces it to send all network traffic through the Pico, where it is scanned for anything nasty.  Think Computers did find it to be effective, but there were also some features of the Pico that they took issue with.

“Windows security is a big deal these days. It’s hard to keep up with all of the viruses and spam and other malicious things which threaten Windows. Protection software can be expensive, too. On top of that cost, as much as 30% of system resources can be devoted to protecting against these threats, according to Yoggie, maker of the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pico. This tiny computer plugs into a Windows-based computer, and the driver offloads network traffic onto the device so it can be scanned for threats. Let’s check it out…”

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