The new hotness in cooling is selling your own thermal goop as well as heatsinks, as we have seen coolers like the Tuniq Tower and their bundled goop.  OCZ is also getting in on the act, offering Freeze thermal compound along with the Vendetta CPU cooler.  DriverHeaven tried them both out, and found one to be quite good; the other to be absolutely stellar.  Read on to see which is which.

“Long gone are the days when OCZ were merely a memory manufacturer, today they produce some decent power supplies (after their acquisition of Pc power) and have a range of cooling products available including CPU coolers and thermal compounds. Today we are taking a look at two of the most recent additions to the OCZ cooling family, the Vendetta CPU cooler and Freeze thermal compound. We will be comparing both against the excellent Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro and MX-2 paste.”

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