A 1.8″ HDD sounds a little odd, being smaller than even the HDD built for laptops … until you realize it is designed to be a portable USB drive.  The Honeywell SecuraDrive 1.8-inch 80GB USB Hard Drive gives you two partitions, an easy to access public partition and a hidden private partition.  Think Computers tried it out and loved it; apart from the price which they found a little steep.

“On the run all the time? Transferring large documents through silly USB sticks? The Honeywell SecuraDrive has the perfect solution for you. Available in three different capacities: 80GB, 120GB, and 160GB, the SecuraDrive offers security and portability for all of your files. The included software allows you to partition the external drive into two different partitions: public and private. Keeping your friends and co-workers away from your “personal” files has never been so easy. Read on to see what other features the SecuraDrive has to offer.”

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