Digitimes is hearing that AMD is going to be releasing a new card in the Radeon HD 3800-series that will be the HD 3830.  Definitely an entry level card, it is rumored to have the full 320 stream processors, 16 texture units and 16 RBEs that the HD 3850 and 3870 have but will have a 128-bit memory interface and will top out at 256MB of memory.  Performance is a mystery, but with prices around $129, this could be a GREAT value card for a cheap system upgrade.

The 3830 will have a 128-bit memory interface, 320 stream processing units, 16 texture filtering units and 16 ROPs, and will support memory capacities up to 256MB.

The card will be positioned between AMD’s Radeon HD 3850 and 3650 and will target the gap between Nvidia’s GeForce 9600GT and 8600GTS with a price lower than US$129.

Several graphics card makers already plan to launch overclocked versions of the card, boosting the core frequency to even higher levels, while using faster memory chips, noted the sources.

AMD also notified its partners that if Radeon HD 3830 does not perform as it expected, the company might cut the price of its Radeon HD 3870, 3850 and 3830 some time in the second quarter in order to grab more market share, added the sources.

AMD was invited to respond to this report but said it cannot comment on unannounced products.