Drop by The Inquirer to see what AMD’s response to Nehalem, Dunnington and Larabee.  They sound quite confident, pointing out that AMD has been doing all the new features of Nehalem, and that Larrabee may pose huge problems for programmers.  Unfortunately, we are still waiting to see how AMD’s Shanghai will perform.

For anyone who missed it, the 25th podcast went up yesterday, it’s a special edition covering Ryans’ talk with John Carmack about ray tracing and the future of graphics engines for gaming.

“RANDY ALLEN, Corporate veep of the server and workstation division at AMD was happy to pour cold water over yesterday’s announcements from Chipzilla.

In an interview with The Inq at HP’s Tech@work conference in Barcelona Allen said: “On Nahalem, Intel is catching up with what we have. Barcelona is here. It is shipping with the largest number of OEMs we’ve ever had. We have level three cache, we’ve had integrated memory since 2003 and high speed serial links since 2006. I don‘t think there is anything new here.”

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