Aperture 2.0 has arrived to win back those who shudder at the memory of Aperture 1.0.  Ars Technica found most of the bugs and the major complaints that they had with previous versions have been fixed in this new version.  They do still have a few reservations, like some issues with metadata and Vaults.  If you’ve got a Mac and a digital camera, check out what this software can do for you.

“It’s hard to believe that over two years have passed since Aperture’s launch. It seems like only yesterday that I was fielding e-mails from livid zealots and supportive professional photographers regarding my less-than-glowing review of the buggy, unfinished mess that was Aperture 1.0 (and see our follow-up look at Aperture 1.1). But much has changed in those two years, including a price drop from $500 to $200 to compete with Adobe’s Lightroom. By version 1.5, most of the problems, missing features, and RAW quality issues were addressed.

But there was still one area widely acknowledged to need improvement: speed. Users of Lightroom often cite its general responsiveness and background processing as the main reason for picking it over Aperture. It’s no secret that even after Apple’s many tweaks, this was still a big issue with Aperture 1.5.

This is where Aperture 2.0 steps in. Apple has also overhauled the RAW engine in 2.0, and, combined with the speed upgrade and Quick Preview, they probably felt that it was time to give Aperture a shiny new number without all the baggage of the old one.”

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