Ryan’s new favourite laptop is the ASUS U6S 12.1″ Ultra-mobile Notebook, that offers some well thought out styling as well as great performance.  With the screen limited to 12″ and graphics begin powered by a GeForce 8400M, you won’t be doing much gaming, nor will the battery last as long as you might hope.  On the other hand, at 4lbs and perfectly capable of playing movies, this is a great laptop if you are on the go.

“With a good sized keyboard and 12.1″ screen, you can actually get quite a bit of work done on the ASUS U6S – I make it a point to write all my notebook reviews using the machine under testing so I an get a feel of how it responds to real world situations. I was able to type on machine without any issues except the standard mis-types associated with differently placed keys like the backslash. For comparison, the full sized Microsoft keyboard on my desktop is only about 2 inches longer from the edge of the caps lock key to the outside edge of the enter key when compared to the ASUS U6S. Other machines like the ASUS Eee PC are obviously a different story in this regard.”

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