Included Accessories and Software Setup
Notebooks don’t typically come with a lot of extras in them, and the ASUS U6S really only includes the necessary AC power adapter and a set of discs that includes restore and driver data.

ASUS U6S 12.1" Ultra-mobile Notebook Review - Mobile 47

The benefits of a smaller notebook are increased when you realize they also come with smaller power bricks that you need to lug around. 

ASUS U6S 12.1" Ultra-mobile Notebook Review - Mobile 48

The max power output of this AC adapter is 90 watts (19V x 4.74A) though in my testing the machine never uses near that much power.  It does make me wonder if ASUS could have gone with a lower priced/sized unit for the U6S.

Operating System and Software

Testing computers and notebooks depends a great deal on the software that the vendor chooses to pair with the hardware.  In this case, ASUS has gone with a 32-bit installation of Windows Vista Business.

ASUS U6S 12.1" Ultra-mobile Notebook Review - Mobile 49

I’ll go ahead and get this out of the way now: yes the system would have been snappier and faster with a copy of Windows XP on it, but that just isn’t going to be the norm from now on so we all just need to get used to it.  The system does come with 2GB of memory and seems to be fast enough for the kinds of workloads it was designed for despite Vista.

This screenshot of the desktop shows you what you see after a fresh restore or after booting your system for the first time.  There are lot of icons on the desktop, mostly for ASUS software, most of which can be tossed right into the recycle bin as they are addressable from the Start menu.  There are also quite a bit of icons loading on auto-startup as you can in the lower right hand corner, many of which we can do without. 

ASUS U6S 12.1" Ultra-mobile Notebook Review - Mobile 50

Our System Properties screen shows what we already discussed really – 2GB of memory, 32-bit Vista Business and an Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 processor. 

ASUS U6S 12.1" Ultra-mobile Notebook Review - Mobile 51

The Device Manager doesn’t show much to get excited about except maybe the GeForce 8400M G chip.

ASUS U6S 12.1" Ultra-mobile Notebook Review - Mobile 52

Finally, at the My Computer screen we see the media card reader, DVD-RW drive and the 160GB hard drive with only 100GB free.  The reason for this discrepancy is that ASUS has placed a restore partition on the drive that is hidden from the OS.  It has actually come in handy quite a few times and I am willing to look past the loss of storage for it.

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