The Inq is showing off some various booths at CeBit including the Thermaltake booth.  They were showing off LED lightbulbs, a new CPU heatsink and a new HTPC case, but the most interesting is the 2 kW power supply that is shown powering TWO complete systems including a Quad-CrossFire system and an SLI system.  I don’t think we could have demonstrated the “overkill factor” any better myself.

CeBit 2008: Thermaltake shows off lightbulbs and 2000 watt PSUs - Cases and Cooling 2
Thermaltake 2000W PSU

If you didn’t gather from the picture above, that is one PSU powering two high end multi-GPU systems at once, QuadFire on top, SLI on the bottom. Should your next system require 6 GPUs and 2 mobos, Thermaltake has the PSU for you.