It looks like someone snuck into the show floor at CeBit and snagged some photos from the ASUS booth a bit early.  First up, ASUS is pushing the Eee PC brand with a host of new accessories including a VoIP phone (but not the Skype phone we looked at previously), an 802.11g wireless access point, HSDPA card and slim external DVD-RW drive. 

CeBit sneak peak of ASUS products - Mobile 3

Next up the guys at Engadget found some evidence of an ASUS Lamborghini ZX1 mobile phone:

CeBit sneak peak of ASUS products - Mobile 4
Granted, we’ve got to withhold judgment until we get one in our hands, but outside of a Lamborghini badge-shaped nav pad and a speedometer-inspired clock on the home screen, we’re not seeing anything special about the darned thing. On the plus side, it’s a 3G world phone with HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 and quadband GSM / EDGE, a 3 megapixel autofocus camera out back with a VGA sensor up front for video calling, 256MB of ROM, 128MB of RAM, microSD expansion, GPS, WiFi, and the typical QVGA display. We guess the 13.2mm thick shell is notable, but Lamborghini notable?