OZC’s long awaited Cryo-Z Phase Change Cooler arrived on the test bench of TweakTown recently, and of course they tested it out.  The cooler it’s self is very powerful, and sub zero temperatures are easy for it to maintain.  Unfortunately the quality of the build was sub par for OZC, who are usually much better about that sort of thing.  It is also incredibly loud, but it is a phase change cooler and they aren’t about subtlety.

You should also check out Lee’s review of the new CoolerMaster Cosmos S, if you haven’t done so already.  It is one serious, and uniquely designed case.

“Today is finally the day when we can tell you more about the OCZ Technology Cryo-Z. The information that we have gathered is not from a press release nor an assumption based on seeing the unit at a technology show. This is in fact real hands on with the unit, sitting at the Secret Bunker of Technology.

Not listed in OCZ’s official documentation is the fact that the Cryo-Z was designed in part by chilli1, a HVAC/R engineer who has become known in the computer enthusiast industry for making one-off and small scale production phase change components.”

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