Shuttle is famous for it’s SFF PCs, although not man of their previous boxes have the power of the XPC Prima SX38P2 Pro.  Built around an X38 board, this PC supports Crossfire, the new 1333MHz 45nm Intel processors, PCIe 2.0, Dolby DTS Connect, Intel’s Turbo Memory and up to 8Gb of DDR2-800.  Add BIOS tweaking for overclocking and overvolting, and you have some serious power.  See how well it held up to Hardware Zone’s testing.

“It was only a matter of time before Shuttle updated its flagship small form factor PC to the newest chipset and the XPC Prima SX38P2 Pro is its attempt to port Intel’s enthusiast class X38 chipset. Find out if this compact PC packs enough punch to compete with the big boys.”

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