Enermax has launched the Modu82+ line, which focuses on higher wattage and some serious modular cabling.  The Pro82+ seems targeted at providing for a lower watt environment, and the lack of modular cabling also reduces it’s prices.  AnandTech tested two models from each line and found that both do deserve their 80Plus rating, as well as some congratulations for keeping the noise down.  If only they could say the same about the pricing scheme.

“We saw the first prototypes of the Pro82+ and Modu82+ series at CES, and we eagerly awaited our samples since then. At the following CeBIT in March, Enermax showed these two new series again but still we waited for our samples. After returning from CeBIT, we finally found our batch of PSUs at our doorstep and we started testing right away.

It wasn’t too long ago that Enermax introduced the Infiniti series, which performed well in our testing, so we were quite excited to see how Enermax would top that performance. We heard from Enermax that these two new series would have performance equal to the Infiniti but at a cheaper price point. We initially thought these new power supplies used the basic Infiniti design, but we were told that this is not the case.”

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