Enermax’s Modu82+ 625 Power Supply does offer three 25A 12V rails with a maximum of 600W, but that’s not the what the real draw is with this PSU.  What really gave SPCR a charge when they were reviewing this PSU is the fact that it is the quietest fan cooled PSU they have ever encountered.  It also has an impressively high efficiency rating, check out the full review.

“Enermax offered us an opportunity to review a first-production sample of a new model hitting the US in early March. The Modu82+ is a line that Enermax believes will warm SPCR’s cockles, and tickle your fancy, dear SPCR readers: It’s said to be among the quietest and the most efficient in the world. Since these are the qualities that we value most in a power supply, we had to accept. We’re pleased to confirm Enermax’s claims. In fact, we’re having to reshuffle our Recommended PSU list.”

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