Please put your hands in the air.   Anyone?  Anyone at all?

The TLB bug disappearing really isn’t the big news when you look at AMD’s B3 stepping Phenoms.  The X4 9850 runs at 2.5GHz, the fastest quad core we have seen from AMD, and the MSRP is around $250, giving it a nice seat when talking about performance for price.  Other improvements are the upping of the memory controller and system bus to 2000MHz.  Get the full story from Ryan’s review.

“The new AMD Phenom X4 9850 is a great processor for its segment even though it is still not able to dominate in any fashion over the Intel quad-core options. Just as with the initial 2.3 GHz Phenom B2 launch, AMD still considers the Intel Core 2 Q6600 its primary competition, and I consider the Q9450 to be another potential threat as well. This new CPU is definitely getting AMD closer to its performance goals and any enthusiast or gamer looking for a ~$240 processor is going to have a fantastic experience with the 9850. The added performance and efficiency of the 2000 MHz memory controller and system bus add to the benefits of the 2.50 GHz clock rate producing the best fastest stock speed AMD quad-core CPU to date.”

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