Going with the highest speed DDR3 you can find is an expensive proposal.  Kingston’s HyperX DDR3-1625 2GB Memory Kit isn’t cheap by any means, but it does provide you with 1625MHz RAM and a low latency for a DDR3 module.  Think Computers did find some issues when using this memory at full speed on X38 and P35 motherboards, but by reducing the speed to 1000MHz and the voltage to 1.5, these DIMMs got along with every motherboard they tested.

“Kingston is one of the oldest names in the PC world, and they are the largest manufacturer of system memory purchased by third party buyers. I remember hearing of Kingston in the late 1980s, a time when most PCs only had a megabyte or two of system memory, and I used their memory in my first RAM upgrade about a decade later. Recently I reviewed the Kingston HyperX PC3-11000 2 gig kit. Kingston considers it an entry-level enthusiast DDR3 HyperX kit. Today I will be looking at the PC3-13000 HyperX 2 gig kit, which at present, is considered the “sweet spot” of DDR3 memory by some. Will the HyperX PC3-13000 impress us more than the HyperX PC3-11000 did? Read on to see.”

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