We have been hearing about the miraculous wonders of Quad-SLI for what feels like years.  Not only was it supposed to let you play Crysis with over 100fps at 2560*1200 with every single option turned up to 11, it would feed your dog and cut the lawn as well, all at the same time.

Guess what?  Not so much, as you can see in Ryan’s full review.

Sure any day with a little 4 way gaming is better than any day without, but do you really want to drop over $1000 for an extra 20-30% performance?  There are some good signs, perhaps if this technology is given a change to mature, we will see it become more powerful.

“”NVIDIA has missed the mark with their launch of Quad SLI on the 9800 GX2; an incredible single graphics card has been shoved into a technology that we all wanted to see work but that just is not yet ready for a spotlight. With just a couple of exceptions, performance on the Quad SLI system was uninspiring and was frustrating more often than it was fun to play on. There is potential though! NVIDIA needs to take a tip from AMD and not just address performance scaling across more titles but integrate usability features that will help users deal with multi-GPU issues like monitor configurations.”

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