Three of FSP’s PSUs were reviewed at BCCHardware, the 500W Blue Storm II PSU, 700W FX-Epsilon and 1000W Kingcraft PSUs.  The wattage ranges from the lowest, aimed at an entry level machine to one that could power a three way SLI rig.  Reading through the review gives you a sense of FSP overall, and will help you decide if this is a company whose PSU you want running your system.  Earplugs not included.

“During non-load tests the 1000W PSU had the most noise on its rails and right off the bat we saw the 3.3v and 5v lines out of spec. This only got worse as we increased the load on the PSU. The 500W and 700W units were within spec at idle, but that disappeared quickly as we added a 380W load.”

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