It would be nice to be able to spend $1200 on your graphics sub system alone, but most people can’t really afford a pair of 9800 GX2s.  Many can’t even afford to spend a full $1200 on the entire PC.  Legion Hardware has been doing some hard core research, and have put together a budget conscious gaming PC for just under $1000.  If that is your financial sweet spot, the check out this build. 

Or, you could always drop by the PC Perspective Hardware Leaderboard, where the midrange will run you about $800 and the high end about $1300. 

“Realistically, for $900 US this is a very impressive gaming system, and while it will be capable of playing the latest games, keep in mind that the visual settings will need to be reduced in some areas. That said, games such as Company of Heroes and Unreal Tournament 3 played in all their glory without a problem at 1440×900 (19” LCD widescreen resolution). Games such as Crysis and World in Conflict did run best using medium quality settings, but even so these games still look impressive using these settings.”

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