It’s deja vu all over again, nVIDIA is releasing a ‘two cards in one’ graphics card, and the initial results aren’t encouraging.  The performance isn’t that much better, and the price is much higher.  As The Inquirer points out, the price is actually in the same ball park as a 3870X2 AND a 3870.  Three-way CrossfireX for the same price as single card SLI … which would you go with?

I think I recognize the GX2 name from the last time too.

“THE NVIDIA 9800GX2 is turning out to be a pretty huge joke, and it is not even out yet. I can’t wait to see the fanbois on the forums bragging about how much they got taken for, prepare for laughs.

Why am I down on this card? Several reasons, the main one is price. It is absurdly expensive for what you get, and what you get isn’t all that much.”

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