The Rocketfish Wireless Universal Rear Speaker Kit sounds absolutely perfect, until you read what it actually is in the review at I4U.  It brings to mind a device that sits beside your receiver, and two small devices that can hide behind your 2 rear speakers; it is not.  The device that plugs into the receiver is still there, and it broadcasts the wireless signal to a second device, twice as large as the first, which is in turn wired to your two rear speakers, as well as to AC power.  Sure, there are no wires between the two devices, but it seems that the system could be improved.  The best thing to take away from the review is the sound quality, it was completely unaffected by having to travel for the small wireless jump.

“Today we are looking at the Rocketfish Wireless Universal Rear Speaker Kit. This kit allows you to make any rear 5.1 surround speakers into a wireless system requiring no wires running from your receiver to the rear speakers. Once everything was connected up the system worked flawlessly. As soon as I pressed the connect button on the transmitter the rear speakers synced up. In my room the rear speakers are about 30 feet from the transmitter. There was no lag, popping or other issue noticeable with the sound when watching a Blu-ray movie.”

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