General PC can be a time consuming project, especially when you like to do everything the hard way, by using the built in tools in Windows.  In the General Forum, there is a thread talking about TuneUp 2008 and other programs designed to make maintenance a little easier.  Do you have a favourite suite, or warnings about ones that don’t work very well?  One good way to guarantee that you need to do some work on your OS is testing beta software, like IE8 for example.

This thread’s title speaks for it’s self
.  There are others who enjoy that type of thing, and happen to be really good at it.  Then there are those who focus their powers on the whole, and build something that can help other PCs realize their full potential.

Ryan has a long standing relationship with one of the best minds in ray tracing, Daniel Pohl; this week Ryan talked with NVIDIA’s Chief Scientist David Kirk about ray tracing.  Do you have anything to add, or a question you might ask a game developer?