March 17, 2008 — Intel Corporation today discussed upcoming leading edge microprocessors and technologies. Intel’s 45nm high-k metal gate leading manufacturing technology is enabling the industry to move to multicore processors in all market segments, and Intel discussed future products with four, six, eight and many computing cores coming to the market.

Pat Gelsinger, Intel Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital Enterprise Group:

Gelsinger disclosed details around Intel’s multi-processor (MP) servers based on Intel’s 6-core processor codenamed “Dunnington” and Intel’s new Itanium processor codenamed “Tukwila.” Gelsinger discussed current hot enterprise topics, including virtualization and the new SPEC power benchmark for measuring server energy efficiency, in which Intel-based systems hold all of the top 20 spots. He disclosed a number of technical features on two important products for Intel, Nehalem, Intel’s next generation processor family and Larrabee, a future Intel product with many cores.

  • Dunnington for Expandable (Multi-Processor) servers
  • Tukwila delivers performance to the world’s most powerful computers
  • Nehalem is Intel’s dynamically scalable and innovative new processor microarchitecture
  • Visual Computing: Graphics Re-defined
  • Larrabee Architecture for Visual Computing
  • Intel AVX: The next step in the Intel instruction set