Intel seems worried about the integrated graphics chipset market.  According to this story on DigiTimes, we can expect to see another IGP from Intel, this one being the most powerful.  The 780G chipset from AMD is going to be a serious competitor with it’s ability to support CrossfireX, but Intel’s GM47 will be clocked faster.

“In addition to the previously reported Centrino 2 (Montevina) IGP chipsets GM45, GS45 and GL40, Intel will add a performance/mainstream level model, the GM47 to the list, according to sources at notebook makers.

The GM47 features a built-in GMA X4500HD graphics engine like the GM45, but with a higher core frequency of 640MHz. The engine will support DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4.0, and feature built-in HDMI, DVI and Display Port support.

Intel will also launch the non-IGP PM45. All the chipsets will pair with Intel’s ICH9M southbridge.

Intel plans to expand its Turbo Memory technology in Centrino 2 so that it will not only function as a cache for Windows Vista’s ReadyBoost and ReadyDrive technologies, but also a SSD (solid state drive) for storage, added the sources. Intel declined to opportunity to respond saying it cannot comment on unannounced products.”

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