The details are still a little sketchy from Intel about Tukwilla, Dunnington, Nehalem and Larrabee, but we do know a bit more than we did.  Ryan gathered the slides and info from the preview to the IDF and has posted them for your enjoyment.  Check out what we do know about Intel’s upcoming projects.

“Larrabee didn’t change much in this presentation either from what we knew before: no detail on number of cores, speeds, implementations, etc. We did finally seeing the fruits of Intel’s software labor with the discussion on AVX, a new extension for SSE that will start to bring more graphics functionality to x86 IA architecture for Larrabee’s cores. New information on the cache system on Larrabee was interesting but again nothing to get overly excited about since these are problems that we knew Intel was going to have to address in order to even stay competitive with modern GPUs in current applications.”

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