nVIDIA is going to make chipsets for VIA, they aren’t going to purchase them, according to this story on The Inquirer.  Via has announced it will back out of the chipset business completely to focus on their processors.  It seems that nVIDA is the company that has been chosen to supply the chipsets those VIA CPUs will use.

“IN A SURE SIGN of the coming apocalypse, Nvidia is going to make chipsets for Via CPUs. If you remember, Via closed down its chipset division, and NV needs to find a CPU partner it hasn’t terminally pissed off.

Not much more to say to it than that. NV can’t buy Via (allcaps) for a number of reasons, so this is the only door open for the chipset guys. A close working relationship or partnership makes sense for a lot of reasons, and could greatly benefit both sides. All the rumours of buyout talks for the last week were just rumours, this is what was happening behind closed doors.”

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