Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced it is releasing a family of 800MHz DDR2 fully-buffered dual-inline memory modules (FB-DIMMs) designed for systems using Intel’s Seaburg S5400 chipset. Launching first with its industry-standard ValueRAM modules, KingstonR 800MHz FB-DIMMs are shipping in capacities ranging from 512MB to 4GB.

“Today’s dual XEON systems using the new 1600MHz front-side bus quad-core processors demand a robust memory solution to match processor bandwidth with memory bandwidth,” said Louis Kaneshiro, senior technology manager, Kingston. “Our 800MHz FB-DIMMs deliver the blazing performance and reliability required by high performance servers and workstations.”

Delivering up to 25.6 GB/s bandwidth with four memory channels active, Kingston 800MHz FB-DIMMs match the bandwidth needs of the latest XEON processors. The 2GB and 4GB 800MHz FB-DIMMs enable a flexible upgrade path while leaving plenty of headroom for future RAM expansion.

All Kingston FB-DIMMs go through a rigorous qualification and testing process to ensure maximum compatibility and reliability. Kingston memory is backed by a lifetime warranty and 24/7 technical support.

Kingston 800MHz FB-DIMM Specifications:
Part #: KVR800D2S8F5/512
512MB 800MHz (CL5-5-5 @ 1.8v)
$40.00 (MSRP U.S. only)

512MB 800MHz (CL5-5-5 @ 1.8v) Kit of 2
$80.00 (MSRP U.S. only)

1GB 800MHz (CL5-5-5 @ 1.8v)
$62.00 (MSRP U.S. only)

1GB 800MHz (CL5-5-5 @ 1.8v) Kit of 2
$124.00 (MSRP U.S. only)

2GB 800MHz (CL5-5-5 @ 1.8v)
$130.00 (MSRP U.S. only)

2GB 800MHz (CL5-5-5 @ 1.8v) Kit of 2
$260.00 (MSRP U.S. only)

4GB 800MHz (CL5-5-5 @ 1.8v)
$392.00 (MSRP U.S. only)

4GB 800MHz (CL5-5-5 @ 1.8v) Kit of 2
$783.00 (MSRP U.S. only)