Is it FUD, is it real?  It’s hard to say for sure right now, but it does seem inevitable that someone will buy VIA.   Perhaps the rumour from DigiTimes is right on the ball, and VIA is about to become part of the great beast nVIADIA or nVIDVIA.  Or, maybe it’s just yet another rumour.  Ars Technica attempts to thin the fog that has rolled in since the story yesterday.  Sure nVIDIA has about $1.8 billion burning a hole in their pocket, but maybe they’d prefer to go out for pints at the bar as opposed to buying VIA.

“According to a rumor reported at the DigiTimes, the two companies have discussed a strategic alliance, acquisition of VIA’s processor division, or an acquisition of the entire company. Talks are apparently off for now, due to the high price VIA demanded for itself, but are expected to resume in the near future. (VIA denies that any such talks are taking place, and NVIDIA refuses to comment on rumors.)

For VIA, acquisition from one company or another may be inevitable. Eight years ago, VIA was a rising star in the IT world, with a strong presence in both AMD and Intel chipsets, and the potential to seriously challenge Intel as a chipset provider. A critical series of missteps substantially damaged the company’s market share in both its P4 and its AMD segments, with Intel absorbing most of the former and NVIDIA seizing most of the latter. VIA eventually ceased building solutions for either company; today the company’s chipsets are reserved for its own C3/C7/CN (Isaiah) products.”

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