The first public beta of IE8 has appeared, boasting the ability to pass the Acid2 browser test.  In previous flavours of IE, Microsoft took the position of authority claiming that they new better than a bunch of actual web programmers as to what standards should be on the web.  This has led to a lot of broken websites that render OK in IE, and awfully in everything else.  Firefox’s popularity may have lead to Microsoft’s about face, but for what ever reason, Microsoft’s new browser is it’s most standard compliant ever.  Ars Technica takes a look here.

Too bad for them that the Acid3 test was released today.

“To coincide with the first day of MIX08, the first beta of Internet Explorer 8 has been released. The big feature is, of course, better standards compliance, and to this IE8 adds a few small bells and whistles. This release is aimed squarely at developers so that they can get a head start on preparing their pages for the new browser; a later beta will be more suitable for a wide audience.”

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