Ryan is not the only one who thinks that ThermalTake’s new external HDD enclosure is a great idea.  The Thermaltake BlacXis also up for review on The Tech Report.  If you missed this drive holder the first go around, you should give it a look.  Even if you can’t imagine why an external HDD review would be interesting, you aren’t alone, The Tech Report felt the same way until they were sent this particular one for review.

“Normally we couldn’t be less interested in external hard drive products. When you really get down to it, there isn’t much to them, nor are there many differences between the various flavors on the market. All support the same mobile or desktop drive standards, have the same rough size and shape, and offer reasonably comparable performance. Some differ on whether they wrap drives in plastic or aluminum, and you can choose from a virtual rainbow of LED colors, but that’s about it.”

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