Sunnyvale, CA – March 11, 2008 – OCZ Technology Group, Inc. a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and computer components, today unveiled the OCZ Vendetta 2, an efficient new CPU cooler with a powerful 120mm fan design for maximum performance. Utilizing a distinctive stacked fin design and trend-setting heat-pipe direct touch (HDT) design combined with a large low-noise fan, the Vendetta 2 is built to solve the cooling challenges of today’s most powerful processors.

Engineered to aggressively handle the heat produced by enthusiast systems, the Vendetta 2 builds upon the already excellent performance of the original, and delivers ultra-quiet performance courtesy of a 120mm fan mounted with anti-vibration rubber connectors to reduce excess noise. The Vendetta 2 delivers extremely efficient heat dissipation to enthusiasts at a price point that is still enticing to a variety of budgets.

“Cooling is an important part of any computer system, not only to keep ICs operating but also to maintain a temperature range in which they operate at optimal power efficiency,” commented Dr. Michael Schuette, VP of Technology Development at OCZ Technology. “Aside from raw temperature numbers, these considerations are also gaining importance in the context of green computing. The Vendetta 2 is the latest addition to a family of direct-contact heatpipe coolers under the Vendetta umbrella and brings increased size and performance to the table at an affordable price.”

OCZ Technology Group Addresses Ultra Efficient Cooling with the introduction of the Vendetta 2 - Cases and Cooling 2