Final Thoughts and Conclusions
The new PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 860W power supply was designed for both industry professionals and high-end gamers who demand the very best.  The 860 demonstrated excellent efficiency, very good voltage regulation, and produced clean outputs.  The Turbo-Cool 860 can deliver up to 64A (768W) of +12V continuous power at up to 50°C operating temperature and can support dual, high-end video cards with four PCI-E connectors.  All this in a small chassis that will fit in virtually any ATX style case.  The build quality of the Turbo-Cool 860W power supply is excellent and it is backed by PC Power & Cooling’s new 7-year warranty and legendary support.  The only down-side I could find is like all the Turbo-Cool models, the 860W PSU is not quiet when you load it up. 

Including adjustment pots to fine tune the DC output voltages is an interesting feature but one most users may never use or need.  However, if you like to tweak things and are looking to fine tune your DC output voltages, the Turbo-Cool 860 allows some adjustment without providing too great a range that could inadvertently cause damage to your PC’s components.

The Turbo-Cool 860W power supply is available directly from PC Power & Cooling for $269.99 USD and is making its way into retail channels now.

PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 860W PSU Review - Cases and Cooling 39

•    Up to 860 watts continuous DC output
•    Compact chassis (only 150mm deep)
•    Excellent build quality
•    Rock-solid voltages
•    Very clean DC outputs
•    Excellent efficiency
•    Single +12V output capable of up to 64A
•    User adjustable DC voltages (+3.3V, +5V and +12V)
•    Active PFC and Universal AC input
•    Four PCI-E connectors (two 6-pin and two 6/2-pin)
•    Lots of connectors and black mesh sleeved cables
•    Backed by a 7-year warranty

Minor Weaknesses:
•    Noisy, especially at higher output levels
•    Limited range on adjustable DC voltages

For excellent efficiency, solid-clean outputs, and industrial grade build quality in a compact chassis the PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 860W power supply takes home gold. 

PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 860W PSU Review - Cases and Cooling 40

Turbo-Cool 860W Power Supply

I would like to thank our friends at PC Power & Cooling for sending us the Turbo-Cool 860W PSU to review – thanks!  Be sure to use our price checking engine to find the best price on any of PC Power & Coolings excellent power supplies or anything else you may want to buy! 

And if you have any questions or comments about the article, or would like to see what others have to say about the Turbo-Cool 860W PSU, just click into the Case, Cooling and Power Supply forum to join in the discussion!

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