Much of the internet lies in dangerous wilderness, abounding with beasts ready to turn your computing life into a horror show of frustration.  The best defense is to know your enemy, and you can find a great bestiary in our Networking and Associated Security forum, and in the thread that Jim built, and that Ned fed today.  For a significantly more obscure issue, have you ever properly grounded your equipment, or just hope the ground in your house is properly wired, or lapped a one pound block of copper?

The big topic in the graphics forum is the large number of cards that are either suddenly easy to find for sale or currently on sale or being rebated, check out the deals they’ve found.  Either that, or discussions about the interview Ryan did with John Carmack.  Head to the Linux forum for a comparative look at hardware and software RAID setups, or see a great Linux cheat sheet

Have a great Pi day, and weekend!