First, the bad news.  PC Power and Cooling’s 1KW version of the Turbo-Cool is almost $500, the 860W is not likely to be a lot cheaper.  On the other hand, it won the Gold Award from Lee because of how well executed this PSU is.  From having a peak power higher than the wattage written on the side of the case to it’s ability to deliver a steady 64A along it’s 12V rail.  If you are looking for the best in PSUs, read the review and see how this one stacks up to your current favourite.

“The new PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 860W power supply was designed for both industry professionals and high-end gamers who demand the very best. The 860 demonstrated excellent efficiency, very good voltage regulation, and produced clean outputs. The Turbo-Cool 860 can deliver up to 64A (768W) of +12V continuous power at up to 50°C operating temperature and can support dual, high-end video cards with four PCI-E connectors. All this in a small chassis that will fit in virtually any ATX style case.”

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