It’s nice to see that nVIDIA has finally caught up to Intel in motherboard features.  The new nForce 790 chipsets support 1600MHz FSB, DDR3 memory and PCI Express 2.0, as Intel has been offering for almost a year now.  They did surpassed Intel’s X38 boards in one area, check out those pricesRyan reviewed EVGA’s 790 Ultra SLI board, and explains all about the board and the improvements to the chipset.

Unfortunately, no one seems to be able to explain why nVIDIA and AMD’s new chipset are being released with the same bloody number ID!  780g and 780i? Come on guys!

“To be fair, this isn’t the most expensive Intel motherboard you can buy – after all there is the Skulltrail platform. But other than that, the two 790i motherboards top the Highest Price list in the Intel Motherboards section. Yes there are other motherboards from companies like ASUS and Gigabyte that are in this same $300+ range and we have hard time recommending those to anyone but the most hardcore PC enthusiast but we continue to want to think of these NVIDIA boards as a good value.”

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