ExtremeTech takes a look at a piece of hardware that may be destined for destruction, the stand alone audio card.  Audiophiles who are happy to drop $1000 on a studio grade card not included.  Gamers and casual users on the other hand seem satisfied with onboard audio solutions, as they have come a long way.  What would you say to Creative creating a software version of their XiFi?

“Back in January, we lamented the death of the sound card in a column. We speak with more users every day who simply use motherboard audio instead of buying a discrete sound card. Motherboard audio is far from perfect, of course. Implementations on low-cost motherboards can be quite noisy, even to the point of audible unpleasantness.

On the other hand, integrated audio has become markedly better on premium motherboards. The motherboard designers have become savvier about EMI and other noise issues inside the PC case. The potential for electromagnetic interference inside a modern PC, with its multitudes of high megahertz and gigahertz chips, is pretty hostile to clean audio, but it’s much better than a few years ago.”

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