Gaming notebooks are really benefiting from SLI, perhaps more so than PCs.  Many PC cards can be overclocked, or have an oversized cooler slapped on them, and there is always liquid cooling and other arcane heat management techniques.  With mobile platforms, the tolerances are much tighter and large internal cards are simply not an option.   With SLI, there is a way to get more graphics power inside a small(ish) laptop, and let users have a good gaming experience.  AnandTech has reviewed the AVADirect M570RU, which is very similar to a notebook they reviewed earlier, apart from a few extra options and features.  One of the highlights is a comparison of performance gains you see from SLI broken down by game.

“While the AVADirect M570RU is literally identical to the WidowPC Sting 517D2 in terms of appearance — with the exception of the logo on the front of the laptop — there are some differences we want to discuss. These differences fall into two general categories: differences in configuration options, and differences between the companies. So let’s return to the Clevo M570RU once more, only this time we’ll see how AVADirect approaches this notebook chassis.”

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