The ASUS P5E3 Premium is built with Intel’s new X48 chipset, and is premium in price as well as name.  Neoseeker found a big difference in the overclocking ability when compared to it’s predecessor, the X38.  The technique that worked best for them differed, so you can’t really expect to use the same settings you might on an X38.  Read on to see what they found worked the best.

“I just recently finished the E8500 review on the X38 version of the board – and I was amazed there at the 4.27GHz I obtained. The X38 was usable up to 500MHz FSB, but I found that the X48 could be stabilized as high as 525MHz – albeit with a lower multiplier for the CPU, resulting in lower performance than the 9.5×460 speed I found to be the best performer. Therefore for the “best performance overclock” I backed down to a “mere” 460×9.5 setting.”

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