AMD has come through in a big way with the 790G chipset, although not by taking a performance crown as many enthusiasts would have preferred.  Instead, they have totally destroyed the competition in integrated graphics.  Currently available(ish) at $100, the board’s price will drop and setting up an HTPC or just a general PC for $300 or less is easy with this board, and it will perform well enough that you don’t feel ripped off. 

This board also supports Hybrid Crossfire.  Go out an buy an AMD graphics card and stick it in and the discreet GPU and the IGP will hook up in Crossfire.  The recommended card is the $50 AMD Radeon HD 3450, which pushed COD4’s performance up by 60% in Ryan’s tests. 

“The AMD 780G chipset is probably the most exciting integrated chipset launch I have covered in my 8+ years of writing about the tech industry. This is the first time that the GPU in the chipset isn’t based on a previous generation of technology thus crippling it right from the start. And of course, the ability to stretch that performance even further by adding in a discrete GPU and taking advantage of Hybrid CrossFire really allows system builders and DIYers to make a system for themselves or family that can actually play games for a relatively low price. ”

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