The Phenom’s infamous TLB issue had been eclipsed by the performance hit you take when using the fix.  What would really help many prospective AMD system buyers is a big list of motherboards that tells which have a switch to disable or enable the TLB fix.  Well, you had better thank The Tech Report because that is exactly what they did.

“Since AMD’s Phenom launched last November, the processors’ uptake among enthusiasts hasn’t been quite as, er, phenomenal as AMD might have hoped. We think there are several reasons for this apparent disinterest, including sketchy information on Phenom compatibility with existing Socket AM2 motherboards–especially those based on Nvidia chipsets–and questions about whether the user can disable the performance-sapping TLB erratum workaround. Fortunately, the firm seems to have taken these problems to heart. The CPU maker decided to compile a much more exhaustive list of motherboards from major manufacturers that have Phenom support and/or an option to disable the TLB erratum fix.”

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