• Watercooled Intel Core 2 Quad QX9650 overclocked to 4GHz – CHECK!
  • EVGA 780i SLI that supports Quad SLI – CHECK!
  • 4GB OCZ Reaper X PC6400 DDR-2 4-4-3-12 – CHECK!
  • WD Raptor 150GB 10,00RPM SATA – CHECK!
  • Zalman 1000W Modular PSU – CHECK!
  • Forceware 174.53 driver – CHECK!
  • Two GeForce 9800 GX2’s in SLI – CHECK!

Tweaktown smashes past 20,000 points in 3DMark06 and plays Crysis at Very High settings @ 1600×1200 and averages just over 41fps!

“I’ve never before found myself in the position where I’ve been this rushed off my feet to get an article online. This afternoon I was e-mailed the Quad SLI Vista Driver! – At the same time, a second 9800 GX2 rocked up in my hot little hands. It was clear what I needed to do.

We found ourselves in the IBP bunker sitting in front of a 4GHz Water-cooled system with an SLI capable motherboard and an 8GB Pen Drive in hand with the 174.53 Quad SLI Driver installed.

You want results? We’ve got ’em!”

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